“I am going, I am going any which way the wind may be blowing. I am going, I am going where streams of whiskey are flowing” – Shane McGowan

The Whiskey Distillery at Dundalk Bay Distillery

Our Whiskey Pot Stills are the only ones of their kind and have been manufactured in Dundalk, Ireland which is truly unique to any other Distillery on the island, giving an entirely new meaning to the ‘Irishness’ of the Whiskey we produce. The lost skill of copper-smiths has been revived from the past into our workforce in Dundalk to create our authentic Irish Pot Stills. Triple Distilled, our distilling technique and technology behind the product is a one-of-a-kind.

Irish Whiskey

The renaissance of Irish Whiskey drinking has been embraced on a global scale and has made record breaking results around the world in terms of its growth. Hand crafted whiskey has generated interest for its flavoursome, unique batches. Keep tuned for more news on our product coming to you soon.