Our Story

Premium Irish Organic Spirits Inspired by Nature and the sea…

Ravenrock is the exclusive, organic, and premium Irish spirits range of Dundalk Bay Brewery and Distillery, a 100% independent, Irish owned company born out of passion by Founder and Managing Director Faye Healy of Spectac International. Spectac is our sister company that has over 30 years of experience in engineering bespoke breweries and distilleries in Ireland, the UK and across the globe.

Since our foundation in 2015, we have been manufacturing our exclusive range of Ravenrock Premium Distilled Organic Irish Gin and Ravenrock Premium Irish Vodka that is inspired by our local natural vista looking out onto the Irish Sea and beyond to the Cooley Peninsula and the beautiful jagged black rock of Carrapuncha which dates back 443 million years ago. For us, Carrapuncha encompasses a historic world of nature to explore, lying on the stunning shoreline of Dundalk Bay with the reinvigorating force of the wild Irish Sea that gives us a refreshing sense of freedom to create a memorable and remarkable range of bold Irish spirits that are utterly unique. The true essence of the wild Irish sea is perfectly captured in every bottle of Ravenrock spirits, each of them hand-crafted for excellence by our talented team.

Our Process – The Gin & Vodka Distillery

Our state-of-the-art Distillery is an authentically made, bespoke 1000L Irish Copper Pot Still designed to enhance the flavours in our premium Irish Gin and Vodka range.

The beautiful jagged black rock of Carrapuncha just North of Blackrock Village in County Louth, Ireland, inspired our minds to focus on the mineral-rich composition of the rock which dates back 443 million years ago when landmasses were low and the sea level was rising. After research, we realised that sandstone is one of the major compositions of the rock.

We decided to embrace this into our filtering process to gain a unique method in the making of our authentic Irish Gin along with gaining the unique minerals that come from the stone as an added benefit.

Natural, Organic and Sustainable in every way…

At the Ravenrock Distillery, our commitment towards sustainability and following eco-friendly distilling processes to produce supreme quality, premium Irish spirits is the forefront of who we are, what we do and what we stand for.

Our built-in botanical basket has been carefully manufactured to allow the right amount of botanical infusions in every batch of our Irish Gin, creating an exotic intensity and incredible flavour that will blow your mind and surprise your taste buds. All our botanicals are natural, 100% organic and hand-picked. Our premium Gin is filtered with natural Silurian aged sandstone which is re-used continuously in the process of making gin, to ensure efficiency.

Our products are heated using steam regeneration where possible in the process for a better carbon footprint. Our unique process allows us to control and monitor the quality of every batch we make at the distillery using romantic botanicals and zesty flavours complimenting the finished product.

Interested in joining our team?

We are always interested in hiring people for our Commercial/Sales/Laboratory/Production and Brewing teams. Please send your CV to info@dbbd.ie with a reference to what position you are seeking.